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Electric Unicorn Cold Brew Latte 12-Pack

Electric Unicorn Cold Brew Latte 12-Pack

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It's not always easy to get a delicious cold-brew latte. Waiting in line, strangers yelling at baristas, getting your name spelled's all so inconvenient. Do you know what's more convenient? Buying a 12-pack of these incredibly satisfying cold brew lattes and having them shipped directly to your door. It's the hassle-free way to enjoy Bones Coffee Company. Did we mention it tastes like a fruity cereal latte? Yup, Electric Unicorn Cold Brew Lattes are badass AND convenient. * 100% Cold Brewed Coffee * Perfectly sweet * A splash of silky-smooth whole milk * Convenient and incredibly drinkable * 250-260 MG of caffeine This product is not sugar-free or vegan.

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