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Cold Brew Latte Variety Pack 12-Pack

Cold Brew Latte Variety Pack 12-Pack

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It's not always easy to get a delicious cold-brew latte. Waiting in line, strangers yelling at baristas, getting your name spelled's all so inconvenient. Do you know what's more convenient? Buying a 12-pack of these incredibly satisfying cold brew lattes and having them shipped directly to your door. It's the hassle-free way to enjoy Bones Coffee Company. If you're uncertain of which flavor to try - why not get all three kinds? With the variety pack you get lattes that taste like s'mores, fruity cereal, and one that packs extra caffeine! Yup, these lattes are delicious AND convenient! * 100% Cold Brewed Coffee * Perfectly sweet * A splash of silky-smooth whole milk * Convenient and incredibly drinkable * 250-275mg of caffeine This product is not gluten-free, sugar-free, or vegan.

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